Image of a Magician

Abracadabra! Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks

Magic tricks thrill and amaze us. The mystery keeps us guessing, even though we know there’s a logical answer. Let us shed some light on the mystery.

Prevent Dry Eyes in the Winter

Best Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes this Winter

Chronic dry eye has been linked to an omega-3 deficiency. Omega-3 fish oil contains DHA and EPA that are proven to support eye health and ease symptoms of dry eyes.

Portrait of a Man - Optical Illusion

Exploring Relative Size Optical Illusions

If given the opportunity, your brain will interpret the size and shape of an object in a drawing or image as 3D. Your visual system tends to ignore 2D.


Ambiguous Image Illusions: Do Memories Determine What You See?

Don’t blame your amazing eyes for fooling you, because when it comes to ambiguous images, your memories influence what you see.

Causes of Dry Eye Symptoms and Tips for Relief

What’s Causing Your Tired Eyes?

If you feel great, but your eyes are feeling fatigued, we’ve got tips for reinvigorating tired eyes in a technology-driven world.

Types of Optical Illusions

If you take a step beyond the interesting stories your eyes tell, you will discover how they actually work. Your eyes work in constant unison with your brain, which is why you see the world as you do.

Don’t Be Too Cool to Wear Shades: Tips for Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Your eyes are very sensitive instruments that require care similar to the way you would protect and nourish your skin. Like your skin, your eyes are negatively affected by too much exposure to the sun and toxins...

Understanding the Important Role of your Eye Doctor for Eye Health

It’s easy to take our eyes for granted. Many people think that as long as you can see fine, everything must be in working order. As with any part of your body, proactive and preventative health measures are important...

Contact Lens Care: How to Keep your Contacts in Tip Top Shape

While some people wear contact lenses due to eye conditions that glasses can’t fix, the majority of people wear them for reasons including convenience, appearance and the wider range of vision they offer...

8 Tips Your Eyes Will Thank You For

Our eyes are amazing! They’re such an important part of our daily function and do so much for us every day. We often unknowingly place our eyes under unnecessary stress and leave them susceptible to injury...