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It’s Wedding Season: Say “I Do” with Clear Eyes®

Ah, wedding season! Joy. Love. Family. Friends. And, of course, a few tears. Weddings are one of the happiest celebrations, but they can also be extremely stressful. The planning, the guests, the food, the décor and the list goes on. So how do you keep your eyes healthy and bright for the big day? We’ve got some tips to help you say “I do” while looking your best.

Sleepless or late nights

Brides, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and grooms often find themselves suffering from a lack of sleep as the big day approaches. Too much stress and too little sleep can leave eyes feeling tired, dry or puffy. Those bags under your eyes, which are actually due to fluid retention, are a telltale sign that you didn’t get enough sleep before the big day.

You may be sleeping just fine, but not getting enough of it. Wedding celebrations tend to last late into the night, leaving your eyes red and bloodshot the next morning. No matter how beautiful your dress is or how handsome you look in a tuxedo, bloodshot eyes shouldn’t be part of your ensemble.

Quick relief tips:

One way to combat symptoms of tired eyes is to use cold compresses (like cucumber slices, tea bags or a washcloth soaked in cold water) when you wake up to relieve swelling under your eyes that can give them the appearance of having “bags” under the eyes. Beauty experts also recommend using an eye cream that contains caffeine to constrict blood vessels and ease puffiness around your eyes. Also, make sure to drink lots of water, because your skin, including the skin around your eyes, will look its best and brightest when you’re hydrated.

If you don’t want your red eyes to make you look tired, use Clear Eyes® Redness Relief  for immediate relief from red eyes. Clear Eyes eye drops also moisturize your eyes, so they look and feel better.  Properly lubricated eyes reduce inflammation that causes that bloodshot look. Another trick is to sleep on your back with an extra pillow under your head to ease fluid retention in your eyes lids and under your eyes.

Environmental irritants

If you’ve ever been to a destination wedding, you know unexpected irritants can wreak havoc on your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses. Beach weddings equal sand and wind. Mountain weddings equal dry air due to higher altitude. Traveling to a wedding equals circulated air and unhappy “airplane eyes”. While you can’t control your surroundings, you can take extra special care of your eyes by being proactive.

Quick relief tips:

No matter where you go, stay hydrated and keep your eyes moisturized. As we pointed out, being hydrated is key to keeping skin and eyes bright, so drink lots of water. If your body is well hydrated, then it’s easier for your eyes to produce tears and flush away irritants. Avoid tired eyes by blinking more. Yes, the simple act of blinking can naturally help keep irritants at bay.

If you wear contacts, take them out more often to give your eyes a break during your down time. That way they’ll look and feel great for the wedding ceremony and parties. 

Also try Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eyes , which are perfect for relieving your dry and irritated eyes, plus they’re preservative free.

Do you have wedding season tips for keeping eyes bright from morning ‘til night? Let us know in the comments on the Clear Eyes Facebook page.