Clear Eyes® Announces Partnership With The Nolcha Shows

Clear Eyes® announces partnership with the Nolcha shows, the leading New York fashion week event for independent designers.

Clear Eyes® Announces National Partnership With Dress For Success® Worldwide

Partnership allows Dress for Success® Worldwide to help clients build confidence by showcasing their shining moments

Tips for Healthy Eyes During the Summer

From beaching to airplane travel, summertime can be tough on eyes. We’ve got tips for keeping them healthy all summer long.

Wedding Season

It’s Wedding Season: Say “I Do” with Clear Eyes®

Wedding day jitters won’t sideline the big day, but dry or bloodshot eyes could. We’ve got eye care tips for wedding season.

Why Pirates Use Eye Patches

Aargh, matey! Yo-ho-ho! Discover why a pirate’s eye patch may be more useful and clever than you know.

How Optical Illusions Work

Dig deeper into the realm of optical illusions and brain games and discover more about why our eyes are truly amazing!

Magic Eye Puzzle Illusions

The magic eye puzzle sensation captured everyone’s attention, but unfocusing your eyes to see them is no easy feat.

Image of a Magician

Abracadabra! Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks

Magic tricks thrill and amaze us. The mystery keeps us guessing, even though we know there’s a logical answer. Let us shed some light on the mystery.

Prevent Dry Eyes in the Winter

Best Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes this Winter

Chronic dry eye has been linked to an omega-3 deficiency. Omega-3 fish oil contains DHA and EPA that are proven to support eye health and ease symptoms of dry eyes.

Portrait of a Man - Optical Illusion

Exploring Relative Size Optical Illusions

If given the opportunity, your brain will interpret the size and shape of an object in a drawing or image as 3D. Your visual system tends to ignore 2D.