Jonathon Prince Eye Closeup

My Shining Moment with Athlivist Jonathan Prince

Jonathon’s natural abilities as a runner have created positive changes in the world around him, inspiring a vision of unity and love.

Taylor Fischer

My Shining Moment with Travel Blogger Taylor Fischer

Life is an adventure for travel blogger Taylor Fischer, and his viewers are always right there with him, experiencing the world through his eyes.

rachel anise beauty blogger

My Shining Moment with Beauty Blogger Rachel Anise

For beauty blogger Rachel Anise, her eyes see more than fashion and style, they see beauty in education and knowledge.

Magic Eye Puzzle Illusions

The magic eye puzzle sensation captured everyone’s attention, but unfocusing your eyes to see them is no easy feat.

My Shining Moment with Magician Adam Wilber

When you’re a master at the art of illusion like Adam Wilber, the eyes are perhaps the most important piece of the magical puzzle.

Image of a Magician

Abracadabra! Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks

Magic tricks thrill and amaze us. The mystery keeps us guessing, even though we know there’s a logical answer. Let us shed some light on the mystery.

Bridges Aderhold Shining Moment

My Shining Moment with Photographer Bridges Aderhold

The eyes offer a mysterious and beautiful perspective of a person’s true self, so when Bridges photographed over 12,000 people's eyes in one year, it was a shining moment in his career.

Prevent Dry Eyes in the Winter

Best Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes this Winter

Chronic dry eye has been linked to an omega-3 deficiency. Omega-3 fish oil contains DHA and EPA that are proven to support eye health and ease symptoms of dry eyes.


Clear Eyes® Celebrates Shining Moments at Art Basel in Miami Beach

Clear Eyes is proud to participate in Art Basel 2017 with photographer Bridges Aderhold, a featured artist in the My Shining Moments campaign.

Maria Fagerstrom

My Shining Moment with Pilot Maria Fagerström

Though Pilot Maria Fagerström spends her days 30,000 feet in the air skimming the clouds, she always stays grounded.