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Your Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Eye Relief

When your eyes are tired and irritated, it’s hard to feel bright and energized, and when your eyes are red and burning, you feel like the whole world is looking at you. How do you break the cycle when the very things that irritate our eyes – like commuting through the city, reading news on our phones, working for hours on laptops or doing quality checks on an assembly line – are experiences, tasks and distractions we need to earn a paycheck or to get through each day?

A balanced eye-care routine will help you find daytime and nighttime eye relief. But, it also helps to understand the causes of redness, burning and eye irritation first.

What Causes Red, Burning, Irritated Eyes?

Often red eyes are caused by irritation. Tiny blood vessels that sit under the surface of your eyes become inflamed and more visible when irritated, making your eyes look red or “bloodshot.” This redness can be due to:

  • A lack of moisture called dry eye
  • Irritation from contact lenses that are ill fitting, not clean or worn for too long
  • Rubbing your eyes with your fingers
  • Focusing on a screen (computer, phone, or other monitor) without enough breaks or blinking
  • Not removing eye makeup before bed or not removing it thoroughly enough
  • Being in an environment that irritates your eyes, such as one with smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, or other allergens or irritants

It’s important to know that red eyes can also be caused by injury or illness such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), blepharitis or glaucoma. If the redness lasts more than a day or two, or you also have eye discharge, eye pain (that’s more than minor irritation) or changes in vision, contact your doctor for treatment.

Why Do Your Eyes Feel Dry and Tired At Night?

It’s common for your eyes to feel tired, dry, or irritated in the evening and overnight when you’re finally at rest. There are many reasons why your eyes may feel tired and dry, including:

  • You’ve focused intensely on work all day on a screen, on delivery driving, or on tiny details like in proofreading or manufacturing.
  • You’re trying to read or scroll through your phone or laptop under dim evening lighting.
  • A lack of blinking, a medical condition, or certain medications you take leave your eyes dry or unable to produce enough tears.
  • You’re wearing your contact lenses for too long, not wearing prescribed glasses enough or need a new prescription to correct changes in vision.
  • You’re over age 65 or have had changes in hormones that make it harder for you to produce tears.
  • You may not be getting enough omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals in your food that support eye health.

While continued eye discomfort can affect your quality of life, the good news is you can take some simple steps to prevent eye irritation and relieve dry, tired, irritated eyes. 

How To Find Daytime and Nighttime Relief 

Some habits for comfortable eyes are basics like washing your eyes properly and regularly, not touching or rubbing your eyes with your fingers, changing your contacts as directed, and limiting screen time before bed. We have a few more for you that, when used in combination, can help you get real relief.

Use eye drops formulated to relieve redness. 

When choosing eye drops, always read the labels to see the symptoms they address and what main problem they are designed to relieve. Clear Eyes® Maximum Redness Relief eye drops relieve redness, soothe and moisturize eyes, and reduce burning that is due to irritation and dryness. These drops can be used during the day for relief and to protect against further irritation and redness.

Apply a warm or cool compress. 

One of the best home remedies to soothe eye irritation is to apply a compress (like a wet washcloth) to the eye area. A cool compress helps relieve burning and irritation, while a warm compress softens the glands that help keep the eyes hydrated. Apply the compress for a few minutes at a time and freshen it as much as needed. 

Protect your eyes when around eye irritants.

Whether you spend time in a dusty workplace or are in an environment that triggers certain allergies, protecting your eyes with safety goggles, wraparound glasses or sunglasses can help limit eye irritation and redness due to airborne irritants.

Use a humidifier.

Living in a dry climate or staying in heat or air conditioning for long periods of time can cause your eyes to dry out, making you feel uncomfortable. One of the best ways to counteract dry air is to add a humidifier to the room or rooms where you spend the most time. A humidifier can add moisture to the air to help improve your eye hydration and reduce nighttime dry eyes while you sleep. 

Follow the 20-20-20 rule.

For every 20 minutes of computer work, look away from the screen and stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. The 20-20-20 rule can be applied when doing any kind of focused work or activity, such as assembly work or high-mileage driving. Taking frequent breaks like this helps prevent eye strain, fatigue and irritation by allowing your eyes to blink and relax. 

Use nighttime eye drops.

You might wonder if you really need two different eye drops for day and night. Using eye drops regularly and as directed will help prevent some eye irritation and provide relief. However, the best way to help ensure you get relief for your dry, tired eyes at night is to use eye drops that are specifically formulated to help with these symptoms.

Having one eye drop for daytime that focuses on redness, dry eyes, or itchiness, and then one specially formulated for night is much like wearing shoes you need for work all day and then coming home and changing into comfy slippers or putting your feet up—ahhh, relief!!

Many nighttime eye solutions are gel-based and can blur your vision. New Clear Eyes® Nighttime Restoring Drops soothes tired eyes without blurring your vision like a gel or an ointment. These nourishing drops contain glycerin to lubricate, hydrate, and help protect your eyes overnight and are enriched with lipids and antioxidants. They are gentle and safe and provide up to 12 hours of soothing relief for tired, dry, irritated eyes.


Many people think eye fatigue, irritation and redness are just a fact of life, but with the right eye drops and a care-based daytime and nighttime routine, they don’t have to be.