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Sensitive Eyes: Types, Causes & Finding Relief

Your eyes feel more sensitive than usual, or maybe they’ve always felt sensitive to certain things and you’re noticing it getting worse. Why? Does that mean there’s something wrong? Anytime you have eye pain, extreme eye sensitivity or a change in vision, it’s smart to call your eye doctor. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons behind eye sensitivity and how to get gentle, effective relief.

Sensitivity to outdoor or indoor allergens

Spring and fall seasons can be beautiful, but they come with a price for many people—allergies. Pollen, grass and other outdoor allergens can leave you with sensitive eyes. Red, itchy eyes are a sign you might have allergies. With sensitive, irritated eyes, you want to be gentle and avoid touching them as much as possible—which isn’t easy when they’re itchy or painful. Cold compresses are great for reducing swelling and sensitivity, and Clear Eyes eye drops for  itchy eyes, dry eyes or sensitive eyes can help bring relief.

Much like outdoor irritants, dust, mold, cigarette smoke, pet dander and other indoor allergens can make your eyes dry, red, swollen and irritated. Clear Eyes® Complete Sensitive Eye drops can help because they are so gentle on the eyes.

Sensitivity to wind

Some people develop a sensitivity to wind, especially if they typically work outdoors or lead a very active outdoor lifestyle. Wearing protective eyewear or even sunglasses can help protect your eyes from wind. Because wind tends to dry out eyes, using lubricating eye drops throughout the day can help.

Light sensitivity

Sensitivity to light is called photophobia. When you step out in bright sunlight, you may feel eye pain or have to squint excessively. Wearing polarized sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB light might solve the problem. However, eyes sensitive to light could also be a sign of cataracts, concussion or migraine. People who have lupus (an autoimmune condition) might also have eye pain when in sunlight. Please check with your doctor if you’re experiencing light sensitivity.

Dry eyes can also cause photophobia—light sensitivity—and is a leading cause of eye sensitivity in general. Wind, dry heat and allergies can all cause eye sensitivity, as well as different autoimmune conditions. Bright light or sunlight can worsen dry eyes as well. If you have dry eyes frequently, you should talk to your doctor. Using lubricating eye drops as directed throughout the day can help lessen irritation .

Relief for eye irritation of sensitive eyes

If you feel like you have sensitive eyes, one important thing to do is be gentle with your eyes, in general. Wear less or no eye makeup and see if the irritation improves or goes away. Gently wash your eyelids when washing your face—no harsh soaps or scrubbing. And use Clear Eyes® Complete for Sensitive Eyes drops that are gentle and have fewer preservatives than other eye drops. Plus, they provide up to 12 hours of soothing relief.