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When You Should Use Lubricant Eye Drops

When your eyes feel uncomfortable it’s hard to focus on anything else. They look red, irritated and miserable, not happy and bright. Plus, you just can’t shake the urge to rub your eyes, which only makes matters worse.

Eye irritants are everywhere. You may wake up feeling fine only to discover a few hours later that your eyes are burning or watery. What happened? It could be a number of factors from the environmental to seasonal irritants. The best road to relief is to reach for lubricant eye drops because they keep your eyes fresh and clear.

What you may not realize is most symptoms that cause eye discomfort stem from a lack of proper lubrication. If your eyes are dry, that dryness can trigger other symptoms like burning, stinging, watering, a gritty sensation or even eyes that feel tired or achy.

That’s why the best time to use lubricant eye drops is when you first start noticing symptoms.

Easing the cycle of of dry eyes

Dry eyes can occur for a number of reasons, from environmental factors to computer strain. Maybe you’re just really tired or you’re travelling to a drier climate. Normally, dry eyes are a temporary condition that you can relieve with over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops.

If you suffer from symptoms of dry eyes, your body isn’t producing enough natural tears to moisturize your eyes.  That’s why they feel so uncomfortable. The quickest way to relief is to supplement your natural tears with artificial tears, which is exactly what lubricant eye drops do.

Moist eyes are happy eyes

If your eyes don’t produce enough tears naturally, they may burn or feel scratchy. That’s because the layer of moisture that acts as a protective barrier for your eyes is too dry. This layer is called the tear film. It’s actually made up of three layers of bodily fluids: fatty oils, mucus and water.

The beauty of blinking

When you blink, your tears are spread evenly across your eyes to provide a layer of lubrication and protection. Think of how windshield wipers work to seamlessly provide clear visibility on the road. Your involuntary blinking and tears do the same thing – they wash away impurities while giving you a smooth, clean lens to look through every time you blink.

When you take a closer look, it’s amazing how much is happening in one tiny, clear drop of liquid.

Artificial tears with staying power

The science behind lubricant eye drops is to make them as close to natural tears as possible, but perhaps even better. How can artificial tears be better than real ones? Staying power. Some artificial tears contain lipids that are soluble in organic compounds and they actually help your eyes stay moist for a longer period of time.

Active ingredients that ease

An example of one of these ingredients is called Povidone. It is a lipid that works to retain moisture. It acts as a soothing agent when mixed with the fatty oils that naturally exist in your tear film. In fact, it works to decrease the rate of evaporation of your tears. Another ingredient that eases symptoms of dry eyes is Sodium Hyaluronate, a form of Hyaluranic Acid, for advanced comfort.

Clear Eyes® makes different products to ease dry eyes, so you can find one that best suits your needs:

Preservative-Free: Clear Eyes® Pure Relief® for Dry Eyes

If you appreciate preservative-free products, this award-winning eye drop may be the perfect option for you. Clear Eyes® Pure Relief for Dry Eyes® contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a form of Hyaluronic Acid, for advanced comfort. The bottle contains 240 drops that are housed in a special soft-squeeze bottle for better one-drop control. Plus, because it features a patented built-in purifying filter that keeps bacteria out, the drop is preservative-free. Some preservatives have been shown in scientific literature to damage the eye, so preservative free eye drops are often the preferred therapy by eye care professionals. 

Artificial Tears: Clear Eyes® Natural Tears Lubricant

For relief from burning and irritated eyes, Clear Eyes® Natural Tears Lubricant contains six ingredients found in natural tears. They are safe enough to be used daily for moisturizing comfort while helping to protect your eyes from further irritation. If you wear contacts, make sure you remove them before using these drops. Or, reach for Clear Eyes® Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief.

Dry Eyes with Redness: Clear Eyes® Triple Action

This product is a great choice if your dry eye symptoms include redness. Clear Eyes® Triple Action provides lubrication for your dry eyes and helps to relieve redness. That way your eyes will feel better and look whiter. When your eyes are red, you can use 1-2 drops in each eye up to four times a day.

When you’re suffering from symptoms of dry eyes, which Clear Eyes® product do you use? Let us know in the comments section on our Facebook page.