A Clear Choice for Preservative-Free Dry Eye Relief

A New Revolutionary First-Line Therapy for Dry Eye
A Multi-dose Bottle with Over 240 Drops

A Revolutionary First-Line Therapy for Dry Eyes

Revolutionary Multi-dose Bottle with Built-in Filter

Revolutionary Multi-Dose Bottle with Built-In Filter

  • Built-in purifying filter keeps bacteria out, allowing the formula to be preservative-free
  • Filter is gas permeable to only allow air into the bottle for dispensing purposes and ensure one-way fluid flow
  • Proven technology
  • Fully microbiologically tested 
  • Low actuation force with 1-drop control 


Optimal First-Line Therapy for Dry Eye

Optimal First Line Therapy for Dry Eye 

Thought Leaders Support Preservative-Free Drops as First-Line Therapy for Dry Eye

A roundtable discussion among ocular surface experts recommends increased use of preservative-free eye drops as a first-line therapy.


The Clear Eyes® Preservative-Free formula is as effective as preserved tears products. 

Reduces Potential Irritants 

Preservatives serve no purpose in the eyes, and only benefit an eye drop formula by inhibiting bacteria growth in the bottle.  Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Dry Eye delivers relief without preservatives, reducing potential irritants on the corneal layer.

May Increase Patient Compliance 

  • Research shows eye drop users prefer multi-dose bottles 2 to 1 over individual vials
  • Research also indicates that eye drop users believe a multi-dose bottle will be more convenient 
  • Unique formulation provides up to 12 hours of relief 

Great Value, Less Waste

Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ delivers over 240 preservative-free drops per bottle at less cost than some current preservative-free products that contain only 60 single use vials. Additionally, Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ results in less packaging waste and eliminates product waste that can occur with unused formula in single use vials.


Qualified with Full Microbiological Testing

Qualified with Full Microbiological Testing

Microbiological Tested

The Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ multi-dose bottle has been qualified by full microbiological testing including Tip Seal Integrity Test and Closure Ventilation Integrity Test.

A Unique Dry Eye Formula

Unique Dry Eye Formula

  • Unique formula contains glycerin (0.25%) as the active ingredient and hyaluronic acid (0.15%) for advanced comfort 
  • Glycerin / hyaluronic formulation flows just like natural tears 
  • Does not contain a vasoconstrictor 
  • Can be used as often as needed to moisturize dry eyes and relieve associated irritations

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Clear Eyes Pure Relief® different from other brands of dry eye drops?

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® is a line of preservative-free eye drops in a multi-dose bottle. Most current preservative- free eye drops come in single-use vials or contain chemistry that has a preservative in the bottle (the preservative then disappears in the eye). Clear Eyes Pure Relief® delivers more than 240 drops of Dry Eye formula, and will be priced lower than current products which include only 60 single-use vials.

What are the benefits of a preservative free formula?

Preservative-free eye drops deliver relief with the benefit of the active ingredient and without preservatives. Preservatives only benefit an eye drop formula by inhibiting bacteria in the bottle, and serve no purpose in the eye. For those with sensitive or reactive eyes, preservatives can potentially cause irritation on the corneal layer with extended use. 

How does the built-in filter work?

The Clear Eyes Pure Relief® bottle includes a gas permeable filter that only allows air into the bottle for dispensing purposes, while simultaneously filtering out bacteria. The filter is also built to ensure one-way fluid flow so nothing can get back into the bottle. The technology is proven and has been fully microbiologically tested so there is no compromise in stability.

If there is a drop left on the tip, does that mean it can get contaminated?

The drop left on the tip of the bottle is actually evidence of the closed system and one-way fluid flow, demonstrating that liquid cannot get sucked back into the bottle. The drop can be easily shaken off of the bottle or will quickly evaporate, even with the cap on, due in part to the vented design of the cap. A 90-day open-bottle stability test verified that when dispensed according to instructions, the remaining liquid in the bottle will be dispensed bacteria free.

How often can consumers use Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eye?

As with any artificial tears or lubricant drops, Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eyes can be used as often as needed for relief.

What are the ingredients in Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eye?

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eyes contains glycerin as the active ingredient for lubrication. Clear Eyes Pure Relief® also contains sodium hyaluronate, as an inactive ingredient for advanced comfort. Sodium hyaluronate is chemically related to hyaluronic acid, which is an increasingly common ingredient in high-end skin care, vitamins and other products. Sodium hyaluronate is naturally present in the human body, particularly in the eye fluid. 

The glycerin and sodium hyaluronate formulation is designed to match the natural viscosity of the tear film.

Does Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eye include a vasoconstrictor?

No. Clear Eyes Pure Relief® for Dry Eye formula does not include a vasoconstrictor.

Where can consumers purchase Clear Eyes Pure Relief®?

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® is available over-the-counter at drug, grocery, and mass retailers, nationwide. To locate a retailer near you, visit the Where To Buy page.

Is Clear Eyes Pure Relief® safe for contact lens wearers?

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® has not been studied for use with contact lenses.

Which company markets Clear Eyes Pure Relief® products?

The Clear Eyes® brand is marketed by Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PBH). Prestige Brands is the largest independent OTC products company in North America. The company markets and sells well known, brand name over-the-counter healthcare and household cleaning products throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and certain other international markets.