Explore the Story Behind Know Your Value

Clear Eyes® sponsored the 2018 "Know Your Value" event, which took place on Dec. 1 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, CA. The sponsorship served as an extension of Clear Eyes®' successful #MyShiningMoment initiative, a movement about empowering people in business and in life to achieve and realize their own shining moment.

"We are so appreciative of Clear Eyes®' support of 'Know Your Value,'" said founder Mika Brzezinski . "I salute them in continuing to help empower and support women who are looking to realize their professional and personal dreams."

"'Know Your Value' is an ideal program for our brand to align with, as it shares a similar mission to Clear Eyes®' #MyShiningMoment. This forum allows us to continue engaging with people to share their unique stories about when they truly shined," said Craig Rudner, Brand Director of Eye Care at Prestige Consumer Healthcare. "Whether it be landing that dream job, getting a promotion or becoming a parent for the first time, the goal of the #MyShiningMoment initiative is to help inspire everyone to see and be the best version of themselves."