At Clear Eyes®, we celebrate your eyes every day.  We want them to be healthy, happy and bright, so you can experience your life to the fullest down to the tiniest detail. Of course, eye care and eye health is essential, but we also appreciate the journey—the shining moments that shape your life as your eyes see the way.

In celebration of life’s shining moments, Clear Eyes® launched its My Shining Moment campaign in 2017.  This initiative showcases celebrity spokesperson Vanessa Williams and other professionals from various industries who recall the one moment that was pivotal in shaping their lives.

An Interactive Experience

In addition to stories from featured influencers, Clear Eyes® invites everyone to share their shining moment on the Clear Eyes® website. People from every walk of life can participate by uploading a photo and a short description of their shining moment.  The Clear Eyes® My Shining Moment Gallery beautifully illustrates the notion that your eyes are the windows to your soul.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa’s famous crystal blue eyes have always garnered attention, but beyond the beauty of her eyes, they have navigated her through her successful career as an actress and singer. In her television and film roles, Vanessa delivers an array of emotions with the blink of an eye or arc of an eyebrow. As a singer, she credits her eyes for the emotional connection she feels with her audience. For Vanessa, these are her shining moments.

Maria Fagerstrom

For 25-year-old pilot Maria Fagerstrom, her eyes have made her childhood dreams come true. Maria’s father was a pilot and she used to fly with him when she was young. Her first trip into the sky, flying above the clouds with her dad, is what made her fall in love with aviation. It was an undeniable shining moment that she always held dear to her heart.

Adam Webber

Magician Adam Webber relies on his eyes to ‘wow’ his audience with unexpected surprises. As a magician, he must command the attention of all eyes in the room. Adam loves to see the look of wonder on faces in the crowd, but his shining moment was actually when he was tapped to help produce magic tricks for other magicians. For Adam, that was the pinnacle of his career.

Bridges Aderhold at Art Basel

Clear Eyes® recently celebrated another My Shining Moment story at Art Basel in Miami Beach with photographer Bridges Aderhold.  Bridges is a Miami-based photographer who was chosen to participate in the My Shining Moments campaign because there is a synergy between Clear Eyes® and Bridge’s latest project. Over the course of a year, Bridges photographed well over 12,000 people (and pets) with a close-up lens directly on their eyes for an amazing eye introspective. This yearlong project sparked Bridges’ shining moment.

At Art Basel, VIPs were invited to share their own shining moments by having an eye portrait session with Bridges. Each photograph was then added to an art installation to bring moments to life ­as seen through the eyes.

Your Time to Shine with Clear Eyes®

Everybody has a unique story hidden behind their eyes. At Clear Eyes®, we believe every time you open your eyes, it's your moment to shine. As Vanessa Williams explained, the key to discovering your shining moment is to see with your eyes and feel with your heart—that’s how you discover your authentic self—the person you were meant to be. “The dust will settle and people will see who you really are,” Vanessa said. “That’s your moment to shine.”

Do you have a shining moment to share? Visit the Clear Eyes #MyShiningMoment gallery to participate