When you travel the world taking photographs, your eyes see some amazing things. It’s a life of discovery, destinations and moments for Taylor Fischer, a world-renowned travel blogger, photographer and filmmaker. His media company documents how summer is experienced around the world.

One of Taylor’s passions is capturing the eyes of his subjects and transporting his audience into their lives. As Taylor says, “when capturing the eyes of a subject—the eyes, they tell you everything.”

One of Taylor’s shining moments was when he was photographing a small fishing village in Philippines. While Taylor’s crew interacted with the children in the village, he noticed a grandmother—her skin weathered by many years in the harsh sun­—who was standing with her granddaughter. As Taylor filmed them, he caught a faint smile from the grandmother, who then looked down at her granddaughter. Taylor was captivated by this moment on film because, “without saying a word, her eyes told me that her whole life was worth it.”

Through his work, Taylor’s audience experiences the incredible things he sees behind the lens. “Since day one, I’ve always sought to allow viewers to live vicariously through my media,” he said. “When I frame a shot or give direction to my subject, I try to make it as though the people who are watching feel like they are experiencing it with us.”

Taylor’s photographs and films capture both ordinary and thrilling moments in a way that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into his world.  From petting a friendly kangaroo in Australia to snorkeling with turtles in Hawaii to base-jumping in Norway, the sky’s the limit.

In Taylor’s life, shining moments happen all the time, because his eyes are constantly discovering some of the most majestic and unique places in the world.  Every day has the potential to be a new adventure with different sights and sounds -- Taylor’s viewers are lucky enough to always be right there with him, seeing it through his eyes. 

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