Jonathon Prince

For Jonathon Prince, his eyes see more than the world around him—his eyes see the opportunity to improve it.  Jonathon began realizing his vision for bettering communities by hitting the road—literally! He’s a long-distance runner who helps people build homes along the way.

It’s an ultra-long-distance adventure Jonathon has embraced with pure love, and he is running 30,000 miles across North America to make it happen. But though his body does the work, it’s his eyes that see the path ahead.

Jonathon describes himself as an “athlivist,” which is part athlete, part activist. Thus far, he has run more than 12,000 miles through 24 states, inspiring hope and raising awareness for his philanthropic endeavors. He’s not it in for money, fame or fortune, but for the genuine desire to make the world understand the simple but powerful notion that we are all more alike than we are different.

“The times call for people to realize we are more alike than different, and we all have potential to create shining moments that exemplify our highest selves and create the kind of world we all deserve to live in,” said Jonathon. “I just want to do something that gets people to think about that.”

The synergy between Jonathon’s passion and Clear Eyes® dedication to life’s shining moments is why Clear Eyes® stepped in to support Jonathon’s fourth running endeavor, the North America DNA Vol. RUN #TheHumanRace. In August 2017, he started at the Santa Monica Pier in California, and began running cross-country 10-30 miles a day, 5 days a week for four and a half months to New York, a total of 3,500 miles.

As a new father, Jonathon even planned the last leg of his run so his baby sons could join him as he crossed the finish line in a double baby jogger. It wasn’t just a celebration of hope, respect, love and unity, it was a sneak peek at the future of philanthropy.

Jonathon’s story illustrates that sometimes you don’t have to look for your shining moment because it comes to you. “You never know what you’re capable of doing until you actually put yourself in that place,” says Jonathon. “It’s about embracing your natural abilities and creating a life around that love.”

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