Rachel Anise

Beauty blogger Rachel Anise has a captivated audience that relies on her for expert beauty tips. Her eyes have to be able to see everything from color to texture to shape. Rachel relies on her creative eye beyond spotting fashion trends and beauty products, because she has to relay what she sees to her audience.

She’s also a talented photographer, videographer, tech guru, marketer and writer. Products, swatches, camera, lighting, script, ready, set, go! It’s just a day in the life of a beauty blogger—and it’s a life Rachel loves. 

To her fans, she’s known as the Beauty Professor. She has nearly 50 thousand followers on Instagram alone who love her beauty tips and advice about makeup, clothes and accessories.

“I want my blog to be a resource for my readers and followers. If my readers are getting something from what I share each day, then it’s time well spent and my job is done.”

Rachel has a keen eye for color that her fans adore, because in the world of beauty products, one size does not fit all. Skin tones can make a pretty red go orange or a mauve go hot pink.  And that’s just lip color! Trying to find the perfect shade of foundation (Rachel’s favorite type of makeup), bronzer, concealer and eye color is also no easy feat. And when you do find your ideal colors, you have to blend them together flawlessly—think of it as art and science.

This is one reason Rachel’s “professor” title suits her. The other reason is because she actually is a professor. And the story about her career as a true academic is also her shining moment. “I was offered a full-time college professorship on a tenure track. This moment impacted my life in a major way.”

Today Rachel is a Communication Studies professor who teaches courses like Mediation & Negotiation, Public Speaking, Small Group Dynamics and Mass Communication. In the afternoons and evenings after her classroom time, Rachel can be found with her favorite beauty products, a camera and her laptop.

Rachel takes all of her own photos and videos too, so Rachel’s eyes are in constant overdrive. Her expert eyes capture the beauty, the lighting and the best angles.  Her talent and vision for style and beauty is why she’s a Beauty Ambassador and contributing writer for Neiman Marcus as well as a Skincare Ambassador for RoC Skincare. 

Despite all of her fans and accolades, Rachel’s passion for knowledge brings her the most joy.  “I’m learning more about my craft each semester and each year. I’m full of eager anticipation for my career and my life ahead,” she says.

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