Magician Adam Wilber

When you’re a master at the art of illusion like Adam Wilber, the eyes are perhaps the most important piece of the magical puzzle. “Without being able to see what I do, there really is no magic,” says Adam.

As a magician and illusionist, Adam’s eyes must be in tip-top shape so he can see with precision when performing his jaw-dropping illusions. And more importantly, he relies on his audiences’ eyes to watch it all unfold.

Adam has been fostering his love of magic and mentalism since he was six years old.  Today, he’s a successful entertainer who continues to perfect his craft, dazzling audiences wherever he goes.

As a magician, he’s an expert at techniques that boggle the mind, even though the eyes “see” the truth.  Whether he’s on stage performing for a packed theater of thousands or strolling through a crowd at an intimate affair, Adam’s eyes are always on task. His eyes are trained to see everything, so while your eyes are tightly focused on what he wants you to see, he sees all.

“When I see someone truly blown away by a trick that I created, it makes everything worth it and it really gives me my purpose.”

While he can do insane tricks with a deck of cards, one of his most amazing tricks—called the pyro—was featured on the Discovery Channel. In this wild illusion, Adam launches a fireball right out of his sleeve.  Even standing in a small crowd, Adam can make a fireball momentarily appear overhead. It’s quite unexpected. It took him two years to create this trick, but when he sees the amazement in his audience’s eyes, it’s worth it.

But the real magic in Adam’s life—his shining moment—was when a magic company he had been admiring for years reached out to him. They wanted him to work with them to create magic tricks for other magicians.

It’s one thing to perform your own tricks, but it’s a huge honor to concept, imagine and develop tricks for other magicians. Adam explains, “all of my time and energy and passion and dedication paid off. Fast forward six years— I get to create magic for other magicians. That’s my shining moment.”

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