Bridges Aderhold Shining Moment

Growing up in Florida, Bridges Aderhold was surrounded by vibrant colors and an important creative influence — his father, who was the Art Director for the legendary Burdines catalog.  Having a keen eye for detail and a passion for art was in his DNA. By the age of 19, Bridges bought his first Hasselblad camera. Twenty years later, he hasn’t looked back.

Clear Eyes® and Bridges’ latest project had undeniable synergy. He spent a year photographing eyes. For this personal project, Bridges used his artistic eye to capture the essence of people — well over 12,000 people.  He photographed them with a close-up lens directly on their eyes. 

“I feel it strips people down to their personality to the core,” said Bridges.

Bridges’ eye introspective featured men, women and even a few pets.  The photos tell thousands of unique stories without words or clues. Looking at the gallery, you realize how extraordinary eyes are, down to the tiniest detail. The colors, shapes and expressiveness are distinctive and intriguing.

Bridges’ photography project did more than reveal the beauty and individuality of thousands of eyes — perhaps they are the window to your soul — it led him to his shining moment. He reflected on his experience saying, “it helped me see the world through other people’s eyes.”

Meeting, interacting and photographing more than 12,000 people in one year was an artistic adventure in itself. And a meaningful one. “It has given me a global view on humanity,” said Bridges.

When he’s not photographing eyes, Bridges is photographing everything else. He’s a product photographer and an art studio owner in the Wynwood Art District, a premier destination for art, fashion, innovation and creative enterprise in Miami.

In Bridges’ world of colors and textures, his eyes are the key to his success. Art through a lens means your eyes are seeing everything from depth to color to light. Whether he’s capturing a droplet of condensation on a bottle or a tiny sparkle radiating from a cocktail ring, his craft requires ultimate precision.   

Bridges’ eye introspective is an ongoing project. He views this ever-growing collection of photos as an inspiration for others. “If you’re passionate about your work, you’ll grow from it, perhaps in unexpected ways.

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