Michelangelo, one of the most inspirational, artistic geniuses in history once said, “An artist must have his measuring tools not in the hand, but in the eye.” 

Painters, sculptors, photographers — anyone who creates visual art — has a unique perspective to share with world. The artists who possess this vision and the people who appreciate its beauty rely on the same thing to unite them in this journey, their amazing eyes.

That’s why Clear Eyes® is proud to participate in Art Basel 2017 in Miami Beach. Art Basel has been staging premier modern and contemporary art fairs since the 1970s, showcasing thousands and thousands of galleries that are dedicated to nurturing the careers of their artists.

While the artwork itself is magnificent, it’s the artists’ journey — a shining moment — that inspires Clear Eyes®. Because what we “see” is more than eye health and wellness. We see the stories reflected in your eyes.

In celebration of life’s shining moments, Clear Eyes® launched its My Shining Moments campaign in 2017. The campaign features celebrity spokesperson Vanessa Williams and other professionals from various industries who recall that one telling moment that was pivotal in shaping their lives.

At Art Basel, the Clear Eyes®  My Shining Moments initiative will take another step in its evolution by inviting VIPs to do more than enjoy art — they can become art!

Miami-based photographer Bridges Aderhold is a featured artist in the Clear Eyes® My Shining Moments campaign, because there is a synergy between Clear Eyes®  and Bridge’s latest project, an amazing eye introspective. Over the course of a year, Bridge’s photographed well over 12,000 people (and pets) with a close-up lens directly on their eyes.

This yearlong project sparked Bridge’s shining moment. Before his personal story makes its debut, Art Basel VIPs are invited to help Bridges bring his vision to fruition by having their own eye portrait session with Bridges at Art Basel.

After the photo shoot, individuals can add their eye portrait to an emerging art installation that will take shape through the week of Art Basel, the Clear Eyes® Shining Moments Mobile. Participants will write about their own shining moment on the back of their photo, sign it and add it to the living art installation.