Vanessa Williams is a multi-faceted performer with fans worldwide. She’s an actress, singer, dancer, author and mother of four. And while she may be known for all these incredible talents, one thing stands out above the rest—her amazing eyes.

When you sit with Vanessa face-to-face, her eyes are indeed mesmerizing—the color, the shape, the expressiveness, not to mention Vanessa’s stunning good looks. You have to wonder, how did she get these amazing eyes and what do these exquisite eyes see?

"It’s wonderful to be known for beautiful eyes," Vanessa said with a smile. "That’s probably the one compliment I get most of all throughout my lifetime," she added.

Vanessa’s legendary crystal blue eyes have captured people’s attention ever since she was a child.

Beauty in a recessive gene

If you rewind back to science class you may remember that light eyes are actually from a recessive gene. Dominant genes that produce brown eyes often override recessive genes that produce blue eyes so when light blue eyes are passed down through generations, it makes them even more amazing.

Since Vanessa and her family have light eyes, her lineage has always been an interesting mystery to her. In an effort to learn more about her ancestry, she did a DNA analysis. According to Vanessa, "I’m 23% from Ghana, 17% from the British Isles, 15% from Cameroon, 12% Finnish, 11% Southern European, 7% Togo, 6% Benin, 5% Senegal and 4% Portuguese." We say her eyes are 100% beautiful.

Her eyes say it all

Vanessa describes her eyes as "very expressive" and "moody," because her eye color changes depending on the color she’s wearing. Her clear, communicative eyes are one reason Vanessa has spent her career in the spotlight acting in TV and film, as well as on Broadway.

She can deliver an array of emotions with the blink of an eye or an arc of her eyebrow and Vanessa appreciates how expressive eyes can be. "People can understand every nuance without having to say a word," she said. As an actress, that means everything.

Connecting with fans

As a singer, Vanessa attributes the enjoyable connections she has with her fans to her eyes. "Looking out and connecting with my fans is one of the things I love the most, " she said. When you’re there live, you can see people’s reactions—live."

When Vanessa is singing her own music in front of an audience it’s an emotional experience. "People sing along and they know every word and you can see tears in their eyes," she said. These are shining moments for Vanessa because she knows her music has made an impact on someone’s life.

Life is precious

Vanessa’s eyes have witnessed precious moments in life that, as a mother of four, she’ll cherish forever. "The first shining moment is looking into your newborn’s eyes and seeing them as a person," she said. "There’s nothing better than that."

As a parent, Vanessa finds joy in watching her children grow and celebrating victories as they happen, no matter how big or small they seem. "There are rough times, but there are shining moments," she said. "Cherish the times that are truly fantastic."

Seeing your moment

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, a phrase that resonates with Vanessa. Celebrating life’s shining moments is even more meaningful if you learn from them.

"You have to value the journey," Vanessa explained. "Struggle makes you appreciate your shining moments even more." If you see with your eyes and feel with your heart, you will truly discover your authentic self—the person you were meant to be.

"The dust will settle and people will see who you really are," Vanessa said. "That’s your moment to shine."