Lisa Sun Shining Moment

Lisa Sun Inspires Women to Shine in an Inclusive Clothing Line that Catalyzes Confidence

Lisa Sun, fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Gravitas, talks about how she created a clothing line that is inclusive and helps women see themselves in a more positive light.

Shaquan Hoke Shining Moment

Shaquan Hoke Uses Her Journey from Homelessness to CEO to Help Others Transform Adversity into Shining Moments

Shaquan Hoke overcame abuse and homelessness to truly shine as an entrepreneur and inspire other women

KJ Miller Shining Moment

KJ Miller Trusts Her Instincts to Create Her Own Shining Moments as an Entrepreneur

Mented Cosmetics cofounder KJ Miller is someone who truly shines no matter what decisions she faces. Read more about how her instincts have helped her create a unique, successful career path.

Grace Mahary Shining Moment

Grace Mahary’s Visit to Eritrea Inspires Her to Create Shining Moments for Others...Literally

Model Grace Mahary is someone who truly shines on and off the runway, bringing solar power to Eritrea and other African countries. She talks about what she’s learned from life that helped her give back in powerful ways to her community.

Lauren Chan’s Shining Moment Helping Plus-Sized Women Look and Feel Their Best

Lauren Chan, former fashion editor, model and now founder and CEO of fashion brand Henning, is someone who has truly shined throughout her career. She talks about how she took a leap of faith to bring her vision for plus-size workwear to life.

Ravyn Lenae’s Shining Moments

Ravyn Lenae’s Shining Moments Onstage and the Unique Story Behind Her Eyes

R&B singer Ravyn Lenae is someone who truly shines onstage and off. She talks about what makes her look and feel her best and helped her develop her playfully glam onstage persona.

Use Eye Drops The Right Way

The Right Way to Use Eye Drops

Eye drops are easy to use, but many people don’t put them in their eyes the right way for optimal relief.

When You Should Use Lubricant Eye Drops

If you’re suffering from symptoms of dry eyes like burning and irritation, reach for lubricant eye drops for quick relief.

Clear Eyes® Announces Partnership With The Nolcha Shows

Clear Eyes® announces partnership with the Nolcha shows, the leading New York fashion week event for independent designers.

My Shining Moment Pop Up Gallery Invitation

Clear Eyes cordially invites you to the My Shining Moment Pop Up Gallery on Sept 7!