Protect your eyes from the sun.

When it comes to shielding harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, your eyes require the same attention as your skin. Fortunately, the right pair of sunglasses is all you need to protect your eyes from UV-related damage. When shopping for apair keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure there is a label that indicates either 99-100% or UV 400
  • Choose a pair that covers the entire eye and doesn’t let in UV light in through the sides
  • The tint or color of the lens actually has nothing to do with UV protection
  • Even if contact lenses provide UV protection, sunglasses should still be worn to protect the entire surface of the eye

Reduce eyestrain during Nighttime Driving.

For many people, driving at night causes eyestrain. Exposure to bright lights on busy roads and straining to see in dim lights on side streets add to eye fatigue. Take these steps to try and reduce the strain you put on your eyes when driving at night:

  • Avoid staring blankly at the road. Keep your eyes on the road, but also move them by looking at other things along the way
  • Don’t just focus on a single distance. Glance around at different distances, as well as focus on various objects
  • Avoid staring at oncoming headlights, particularly if a car has their high beams on—then look toward the right side of the road
  • Try driving only on streets you know, avoid unlighted streets, leave extra space between you and other cars, and pull over if the eyestrain affects your driving abilities

Protect your eyes from wind and sun Irritation.

If you spend a lot of time outside, your eyes may start feeling itchy and irritated. This could be your eyes reacting to the drying effects of sun and wind. Be sure to follow these tips to reduce these drying effects:

  • Always wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection, even on overcast days
  • Make sure sunglasses cover the entire eye
  • Choose wraparound glasses to prevent the sun, wind and dust from entering by the side
  • Wear a hat with a broad brim or a hood for further protection

Reduce your risk of eye injury at home.

Over 150,000 eye injuries occur every day in the home. Follow these tips to reduce your risk of injury while doing projects and chores around the house:

  • Before mowing your lawn, inspect it for any debris and consider wearing eye goggles
  • Eye protection should be worn when sawing, sanding, drilling, etc.
  • If an object does become embedded in your eye, do not rub your eye as this may cause further damage
  • Read instructions before handling paint or chemicals to see if eye protection is required

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