Clear Eyes® Multi-Symptom Eye Drops

Many eye drop users suffer from more than one type of discomfort.

With some people the problems typically occur at the same time, while with others, say people with chronic dry eyes, their secondary symptoms may occur only occasionally during allergy season.

For this reason, many eye drops contain more than one active ingredient. All Clear Eyes® products contain at least two active ingredients. As an example, Redness Relieving Eye Drops contain a lubricant in addition to the redness relieving active ingredient, to relieve the dryness of the eyes that can accompany the redness.

Two Clear Eyes® products in particular are formulated specifically for people with more than one or two eye symptoms, to provide relief in one product. Clear Eyes® Triple Action contains 3 active ingredients to address eye irritations, redness, and dryness. For more complete relief, Clear Eyes® Complete, 7 Symptom Relief Eye Drops contain 4 active ingredients to address 7 eye symptoms: redness, dryness, itchy eyes, gritty eyes, irritation, burning, and watery eyes.